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Slim Shapers

Using an unbelievable fitness product like Slim Shapers can turn few heads towards you. This product is made of Neotex which is a remarkable technology. Neotex helps a person sweat out all the harmful fats accumulated on one's body by sweating. One of the easiest ways of losing a few pounds and getting in shape will be like a child's play with this miraculous product. Not even the slightest of efforts have to be put in once you start using this product. Just put on the Slim Shaper and the next thing you know is that your body will start losing the fats accumulated on your body due to the sweat being generated. The sweat that is noticed is only because of the Neotex, the fabric that is used to make Slim Shapers. The Slim Shapers fitness wear works by making the body sweat more and more.

A lot of products claim to give the body that all yearn for but it so turns out that only a few of these products actually gives the results they promise to give. Marvellous results within no time will no more be a far flung dream with Slim Shapers. These are the perfect gift for any woman who desires on having a great physique. Needless to say, this product is ideal for women who want to have a great definition to body, twists and want to be in shape.

Why Slim Shapers?

The cut throat competitive era hardly gives people time to spend for exercising or to pay attention towards their body by going on 30 minute long walks every day. The need of the hour is to make use of a commendable fitness product like the Slim Shapers. This ideal slimming product is specially made for people with such time constraints. Paving the way for a healthy weight loss by making people sweat is how this product fosters weight loss. Worried about not being able to wear this product? Do not worry as this thin product can be worn under every dress and can be even used while doing one's daily chores or when whiling away your time at home. The internal texture is the reason why people sweat a lot however this sweat is totally absorbed by the external texture. Along with this the external material also helps in absorbing the moisture and in lowering down the weight. This product is a blessing disguise for both men and women as both can make use of it.

Slim Shapers

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How does Slim Shaper work?

Increasing the core temperature while one is carrying on with his day to day activities like walking, running, any kind of physical activity, exercising, sitting at home etc is how Neotex, the smart fabrics technology that has been made use of in Slim Shapers helps to cut down on the excess fat. Without worrying a bit about any kind of work being done, the Slim Shapers can be used.

Features of Slim Shapers

Benefits of using Slim Shapers

What’s included with your order

1 Slim Shapers™ Power-Knee Pants (sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL)

Instructions to be kept in mind while washing the product

It is essential that Slim Shapers fitness product be hand washed every time after it is used particularly after exercising. To do so soft detergent should be used along with cold water and after rinsing the excess water should be drained out of the product.

  • Do not tumble dry Slim Shapers
  • Hand wash the product at 30 degree Centigrade
  • Do not bleach the product
  • Don't wring Slim Shapers
  • Don't iron
  • Hang dry/ line dry
  • Don't tumble dry

Warning: DO NOT tumble dry, DO NOT wring and DO NOT Iron your Slim Shapers TM*


To attain best results from the product, Slim Shapers should be used even when not exercising. The more this product is used the better the results and also results will be achieved faster. Along with using Slim Shapers it is also essential that to get a perfect shape a healthy diet and being hydrated all day long are essential.

*Disclaimer : Results may vary from person to person.

neotex Slim shapers

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